The question is, what kind of a person? - Tall, short, handsome, redhead or dark-haired? The word "person" does not give us that information. When we say a ‘clown' we tend to picture something very traditional: a red nose, a funny plaid vest, shoes five sizes too large. Yet in reality there are all kinds of clowns: slapstick comedians, music eccentrics, Augustines, parody clowns, juggling clowns, mimes and animal trainers. One thing these different clowns have in common is that they are all eccentrics. The word ‘eccentrics' comes from French, and it means "located far from the center", something out of the ordinary, odd and queer.


Anybody and anything can be a clown's partner: a spectator, an animal or an inanimate object such as a chair, a mop or a bucket.