Yulik has been performing for over twenty years. During this time she has been perfecting her stage craft and variety skills to use in her numerous eclectic performances.

Having delivered shows to literally millions of people her career has allowed development of an hour long show, now while this show is primarily targeted for the younger audience people of all ages will be entertained by her miming, juggling, balancing and magic acts.

Limiting the use of talking during the show enables Yulik to break any language barrier, as there isn't one!

The inclusion of the audience in the show by way of audience participation ensures that there is an immersion and involvement fun factor. Also avoiding tired old clich├ęd routines and Pratt fall gags, means bringing something new and unique that people are unlikely to have seen before to your event.

The whole performance is neatly packaged together with tightly choreographed routines to music, allowing people who understand a more than just the visual aspect to appreciate the art and messages portrayed by each act.

There are sketches that tell takes invoke feeling and cause bursts of laughter to spread throughout every audience, no language and art that any age can appreciate means that Yulik's show is truly suitable for everyone.